The Association of Thai ICT Industry (ATCI) is Thailand’s first Information Technology professional association.  Its members include computer hardware and software manufacturers, distributors and service providers, together representing over 80% of Thailand’s Information and Communication Technology market. With such strong representation, ATCI plays a significant role in the development of National ICT Policy and the ICT Master Plan.

23perspective Co.,Ltd.
Absolute Alliance Co.,Ltd
ADC Communications (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Advanced Information Technology Public Co., Ltd.
Application Hosting Services Co., Ltd.
arunsawad dot com co., ltd
Brainstorm Co., Ltd.
C.S.I. Interholdings co.,Ltd
Chairut Thaitechnology Co.,Ltd.
Cisco systems (Thailand) Ltd.
CompuTech Micro System Co., Ltd.
Computer Integrated Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Computer system connection International Co.,Ltd
Computer Telephony Co., Ltd.
Comsys Corporation Co.,Ltd
Control Data (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Creatus Corporation Co., Ltd.
Cyber Planet Interactive Co., Ltd.
Definitely Corporation Co., Ltd.

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